Ashdoc's movie review---Zero dark thirty

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Ashdoc's movie review---Zero dark thirty

Post by ashdoc on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:02 pm

Osama Bin Laden---the man who dared to
take on the might of the most powerful nation on planet earth in the
most astonishing manner possible---in a way not even dreamed up by
American fiction writers....

The moment he did so , he was a marked man.....

But the onus was on the USA to find him and kill him---it was a question
of honour and justice and of prestige.....The world had to be reminded
that you cant target the USA without terrible repurcussions on

But where to find him ?? Especially in a position where elements of the
Pakistani establishment were in cahoots with him and protecting him....

Not surprisingly , it was a long and hard wait to get to him.....

And to get him a CIA agent called as Maya worked painstakingly for years
in Pakistan collecting information bit by bit till she hit paydirt....

But until she hit paydirt , she had to go through plenty of
disappointments and see many tragedies unfold---and she had to see this
happening for many years....

Bombs exploded in places where she was eating ( like Marriott hotel ) ,
she lost her colleagues in terrorist attacks and she herself became a
target for assassination bids as news leaked out that she was a CIA
agent---but she was unwavering in her devotion to the task of getting
Bin Laden....

During this time she rejected any idea of romance in personal life and became detached from her family.....
People who worked with her , including torturers who were beyond caring
about human pain , also got tired of their brutal task and left for
other more comfortable shores....

But in the end it was a triumph for triumphant that a large
part of the movie focuses on her and in essence she is the heroine of
the movie....

Of course , in the end the raid to kill Bin Laden was carried out by
other people , but it was her decisive pinpointing done after extensive
research that made it possible....

The movie begins with torture scenes of suspected Al Qaeda members which
may make one cringe....and they make even Maya flinch for a moment....

But this tough lady goes through seeing it all and survives grittily to stick to her task....

The movie has expletives being used continually by all Americans---and
the word fcuk is most used.....even by Maya , who introduces herself as
the motherfcuker who pinpointed the target to the commitee that has to
approve the mission to kill Bin Laden.....

And she uses the word in a way that would warm the cockles of your heart
if you are a true patriotic Indian ( like I fancy myself to be )---she
calls Pakistan a fcuked up country in a way no Bollywood ( of puki
appeasement fame ) movie has dared to call in recent times.....Bravo Hollywood !!

The raid which kills Laden is shown like a thriller with a touch of
suspense.....and also with some comic relief as a US commando begins to
call out ' Osama , Osama ' while searching for him in the house , as if
Osama really was going to come out !!---Now did that really happen ??

Acting by the actress playing Maya is great , and the filming of the
raid on Osama's house has been done with military precision.....

And in the end you conclude that the USA is made of manly men and
courageous women who are kind to those who seek shelter and are
unforgivingly vengeful to those who have done them harm---and I wish
some of these qualities were embibed by my countrymen....
And I wished that we Indians could similarly rain death on those who seek our destruction....

And with that thought for you to ponder , I conclude....

Verdict---Good .


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