Ashdoc's movie review---Commando ; one man army

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Ashdoc's movie review---Commando ; one man army

Post by ashdoc on Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:50 am

This movie has been made to showcase the actionpacked potential of
Vidyut Jamwal , who aspires to be our desi Bruce Lee . He makes his
ambition to be the next action king of Bollywood clear by dramatically
erupting out of the poster of the action movie---Force .

So does he succeed ??

Certainly his capacity for action is world class , and all the kicks and
chops he hits and the somersaults and stunts he pulls off are
impressive---far outclassing anything that Akshay Kumar ( the other
martial arts expert in Bollywood ) can produce or Action Abraham ( as
John Abraham calls himself ) can emulate . His physique looks hard and
wellmuscled .

But he is failed by his acting , which has become wooden in this movie
after a good showing in ' Force ' where he was villain . But above all
he is failed by the director who simply does not deliver a good movie ,
and in fact creates some corny situations .

For example , songs are thrown in without creating any situation for
them---and even the villain gets to dance in a song wooing the heroine
along with his chamchas .

And at the very opening of the movie , Vidyut excapes from the Chinese
military's custody too easily . Why would they carry a suspected spy in a
completely open jeep , thus giving easy escape chances to him ?? Not

The best acting in fact is by the villain---who provides doses of menace
along with comic relief by telling a hilarious SMS joke to every victim
before he kills him , and by playing angry birds game on his mobile
even when prowling for a kill . But why did the director have to overdo
the villain act by showing him as a person without eyeballs in his eyes
and therefore a ' shaitan ' from birth.....??

The item number however is good and the dancer is slim and with a curvacious body which she shows for good effect.....

......But if the director thought that all this will add up to a decent movie , then he is mistaken.....

The story really kickstarts with the heroine trying the escape the villain's lustful clutches .
.....And the hero appears from nowhere to save her without reason....
The reasons he gives for saving her are unrealistic to be least and again the director fails to convince you .

As the hero and the heroine escape into the jungles , you get to see
some techniques used by commandos for survival in tough situations---for
the villain and his minions are forever on the prowl to get to them ,
setting dogs on their path .

Needless to say , Vidyut rises above all challenges and smashes his way through every situation....
......And do I even have to say that the chatterbox heroine falls in love with him along the way....
But Vidyut's attempt to play a strong silent man does not fully work due to his below par acting.

What works for him is his fighting skills , and if he improves his acting we could see our very own Jackie Chan.....

But till he improves them , we have to make do with this---a not so
great effort in film making which left the audience sniggering at it....

Verdict---not good .


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