Ashdoc's movie review---Now you see me

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Ashdoc's movie review---Now you see me

Post by ashdoc on Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:38 am

Four magicians pull off a heist---and with what verve and panache and mind blowing speed.....!!

Yeah , they are the ' four horsemen ' selected by a mysterious person
who prefers to remain behind the scenes to carry off three spectacular
heists in the form of magic tricks in full view of the audience . They
are carefully selected after close observation of their skills and
include a card trick player , a mentalist , a conman and a an escape
artist---the last being deliciously and sexily feminine.....

The film certainly begins well as the four magicians pull of a
sensational robbery of a french bank in a magic show in Las Vegas by
teleporting a man to the bank and helping him rob the money---money
which is showered on the audience watching it . The special effects are
dazzling and a visual treat .

But there's also a person ( played by Morgan Freeman ) who debunks these
magicians and shows us just how the magic was not really magic.....

But who cares....There's the next trick to be pulled off.....
The movie moves at electric pace and breakneck speed and leaves you with
very little time to wonder and ponder about whether it was really
magic or not.....

But as the movie moves on to the next trick you realize that behind it
is one man's personal agenda---and that agenda is nothing but

Revenge for past wrongs , revenge for past sins committed against someone.....But the question is---whom ??

The second trick dazzles you again , but the vengeful motives of the person behind the whole thing become clear too....

But the police and a beautiful Interpol agent are after the four
magicians , though they always manage to stay one step ahead of the
cops , and Morgan Freeman the debunker is not far behind too....

The question again is---why all this elaborate deception , and by whom and for what purpose ??

Go and watch the movie for that....

Its in the third trick that the movie fails , for it is way too
complicated to watch....and the car chases are something that we have
seen in other movies as well....

In the end , the magician's tricks and special effects become too much
to handle , and so does the superfast pace of the movie....

There's a twist to the tale in the end as the villain/hero reveals
himself and his motives , but to me the bigger question was---why would
the four magicians take such risks with the police for another person
?? Why would they go to so much trouble for a person they did not even
know ??....and that question was left unanswered....

The movie begins spectacularly but loses its way towards the end....
Had it been the opposite , with the movie starting slowly but getting
better towards the end , then it would have been a good one....
But then , not all fridays ( actually I saw the movie in sunday ) are lucky for the audience---are they ??

Verdict---Okay .


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