A great speech!

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A great speech!

Post by Kinnera on Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:04 pm

It's worth your 37 mins. Ironically, that was given on Sep 11th.


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Re: A great speech!

Post by TruthSeeker on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:17 pm

@Nenu -

Hinduism in "practice" and Hinduism in "books" - is NO DIFFERENT than - Islam in "practise" and Islam in "books".

Most fanatics FOCUS on their BOOKS, Scriptures. 

Who cares?

The fundamental Q for any religion is - WHAT do your MAJORITY practice?

Hinduism practise Casteism.

Yadav, Thakur, Reddy, and God knows how many sub-castes, and sub-sub-castes.

If Vivekananda were to be married, his potential in-laws might ask - what is your last name, and what caste do you belong to, are you an Iyer or Iyenger, if you are a Bong, are you a zamindar or a shudra?

Ideology, when NOT married to a society in practise, is merely reduced to a "speech" to clap for.

We need a social change, not a feeling of pride for what India "WAS".

My 2 cents,


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