Hunger Games Movie vs. Caste System

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Hunger Games Movie vs. Caste System

Post by TruthSeeker on Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:44 pm

I dunno why but now-a-days I only watch what my daughter lets me.

So, I watched this favorite movie of hers once again!

But I wondered - Wait, the writer copied Indian caste system, and called it factions?

The society being forced to be divided into what an individual's natural propensity is.

Dauntless (Kshatriya), Erudite (Brahmin), Abnigation, Candor etc.

Caste System.

The movie is "Divergent".

Divergent as in people who do not fit into one category, but more.

Like all of us.

A must watch for the ancient narrow minded believers in caste system for parents who even wonder about it for their kids' marriage.


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