Adopting a holistic approach to treat arthritis

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Adopting a holistic approach to treat arthritis

Post by Stamford on Fri Oct 31, 2014 5:05 am

One of the main reasons that make people opt Ayurveda as the best choice for treatment for arthritis is that it is completely natural and aims at eliminating the disease in its entirety from the system. Ayurveda believes that arthritis is a manifestation due to aggravation of ‘vata’ and is related to excessive pain in the joints when the conditions seem conducive for the systems to surface. The most important treatment method adopted for curing arthritis is eliminating the body from the toxins and improving the digestion. After this is achieved with the help of herbal purgatory medicines, the body’s blood circulation is regulated with the help of medicated oil massages and during the process if treatment the patient is given ayurvedic concoctions and semi-solid ‘lehyams’ which are essential to bring back the body’s lost internal chemistry. In order to digest the ‘ama’- (a toxic by product of digestion) fasting is very beneficial but this will work out only for those who are otherwise physically fit and are not diabetic patients. During the course of treatment the patient is advised a strict and systematic lifestyle and the diet comprises of fresh juices, and easily digestible foods. Light exercise on a regular basis helps the healing process and it is essential that foods rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits must be taken in liberal quantities which boosts the immune system and reduces skeletal pain. Excessive spicy foods and wind forming vegetables like cabbages and potatoes are to be avoided along with stress and tension. 


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