Shiva Tales

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Shiva Tales

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:57 pm

this is a piece i wrote long ago but i still like it. i had posted it to sulekha coffeehouse, creative, once. that link no longer exists. i am posting it here again with minor changes.

Shiva Tales

Much against his wishes, Daksha’s daughter Sati married Shiva . Daksha disliked Shiva because Shiva was a mendicant. Shortly after the marriage, Daksha decided to invite Sati back to his house on a ruse to murder her.

Ha, ha, ha! Daksha cried.

Look, Shiva, look! There are no places to hide.
Sati’s body lay slouched, inert, dead, devoid of all life.

Ha, ha, ha! He cried. Ha, ha, ha!

You joker, you Mowgli, you Tarzan, you junglee.
Mr. Skull and Bones, ashes and gnomes, bulls and horns, naked with a hairy thorn.
Mother of all pain, what a bloody shame, what a sham, what a lie.

Look, look again, my daughter’s womb, Ha, ha, ha!
That’s not the place for you to hide, you’re doomed!

What? Shiva winced, What? What does this fool say? Has he killed her?
Is Sati dead?

But, I never wanted her, Shiva thought, feeling inert, dead, devoid of all life.
She wished herself upon me. She conquered me. I never looked for a place to hide.
I was the world’s shade. I was the place to hide. And why would I hide? Daksha lies!
But Sati, is she dead?

Ha, ha, ha! Daksha cried.

You bastard! There are no places to hide. No wombs, no fortresses, no shades, no, not for you!

Son of Satan, you inhuman thing, swallower of pain, of the colour blue, from the poison that tints your rooh, you lie! Fie! Wallow in this pain, swallow! I dare you! Check! Blackjack! Eh? it’s all a game! Wake up, you bastard, my daughter is plunged into the sacrificial fire, she’s one with me, and her face shall you never again see.

Be gone! said Shiva as he pounced upon him with a single leap from the Himalayas to the Vindhyas.

I’ll beat you into the earth, now hide from me, hide, let me see the places you hide!
He slaughtered the mocking, derisive face. He plundered the body and tore it apart.
But the face whipped alive from its body’s ruins.

Ha, ha, ha! It laughed. Ha, ha, ha!

For Shiva, the pain was unbearable.

Shiva, the mother of all pain, his body blue, the hue a long time due, all that poison having discoloured his rooh.
But all that was earlier, much earlier, and he’d already rued.

But this? What was this? He could not swallow it. He knew not what he felt.
Was it pain? Revenge? Adolescence? Truth?

Ha, ha, ha! Shiva cried. Ha, ha, ha!
Ha, ha, ha! He cried as he killed elephants, children, women, birds, lions, trees, mountains, rivers, pretty gods, Sati’s body in repose around his shoulders.

Ha, ha, ha! He cried as his friends: the bull, ghosts, skeletons, undertakers, even death, looking askance, scampering
away in fright (this Shiva they did not know).
Ha, ha, ha! He cried. You are right, you are right, you bastard, you are right.
There are no places to hide.

And Shiva plundered, destroyed, pillaged.
Who was friend? Who the foe? He shrieked into nothingness like a crow.
There must definitely be a place to hide. Where is One? He was frantic.
He dashed into One. Oh no, not you, cried One. Shiva is One!
You are Shiva! Don’t you remember?

Withdraw, withdraw. Go home.

Shiva, hunched, Sati’s body around his shoulders in a bunch, walked home.
He’d seen too much. He had surprised himself. He was his own special effect.
He became the profile of a mountain, squatting in ice, his friends: the bull, death,
skulls, bones, outcasts, slowly emerging from the shadows and joining the fun.

Shiva closed his weary eyes as he sighed, as he slept.

Dhak, dhak, dhak, a god knocked on Vishnu’s door.
O lord, O Master, awake! Save us from this disaster.
See how Shiva shuts his eyes, do something, wake him, raise him.
Hurry for time flies. He’s naked, please give him a disguise.

Ha, ha, ha! Vishnu laughed.

Ha, ha, ha! A metaphysical problem with a thousand ramifications, eh?
Tough one. A real cracker! This one’s a real goner, real deuce, really abstruse.
How to break the ice? How to separate the fat from the lean?
The yolk from the white? How to do it and still come out clean?

Ha, ha, ha! He cried as he saw the gods scurry away in fright,
Who’ll bell the cat? Who’ll toll the bell? Who can Shiva’s anguish quell?
Who’ll suffer Shiva’s third eye when it wakes? Will it singe, will it heal?
Who’ll ever want to burn in hell?

Nothing can wake up the pillar of the universe! If it sleeps, let it sleep, said Vishnu.
Let other pillars sleep too, Brahma and I. It’s easier that way.

The Universe shuddered. The Gods conferred.

Shiva has tasted woman! One drunken god cried.
(Pussy, pussy, a lord corrected. Silence, silence, another interjected).
Shiva cannot forget the event now, suggested another, he must assimilate it.
There were ayes and nays and thumps on the table. But who to do it? How to do it?
Like all such conferences, this one too ended in naught.

Only Vishnu could do it, if anything – it was obvious.

Rap, rap, rap, someone knocked on Vishnu’s door.
Wake up, O lord, cried the gods. Save our souls, see how the Universe rocks and rolls.
Rescue us from this jolt, take us back into your folds?

Listen, daughter of the land, said Vishnu creating Parvati.

You are born a wife, you are Shiva’s life.
No courtship, no love shove, no titters or tatters.
No glimpses or glances, no necking or pecking.
No devouring of your beloved, no merging into silhouettes.
Do you hear? Do you understand?
Now please, settle this ghitch pitch.

Vermillion in hair, blood in veins, sandalwood on feet, dot anointing forehead,
Shiva’s life, Parvati, who was simply just his wife, made towards a sleeping form and rolled the dice.

Wake up, O husband, heard Shiva as he stirred, his friends ready to run.
Parvati stood bejeweled, bedecked, before him, ready to stun.
Shiva opened just two eyes and Parvati had won.
She mesmerized him with the web of domesticity she had spun.


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Re: Shiva Tales

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:30 pm


Ha, ha, ha! He cried as his friends: the bull, ghosts, skeletons, undertakers, even death, looking askance, scampered
away in fright (this Shiva they did not know).


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Re: Shiva Tales

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:42 pm

plus more typos that i am still oblivious to. i won't bother.


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Re: Shiva Tales

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:02 pm

thanks for posting this.


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Re: Shiva Tales

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