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Post by ashdoc on Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:06 am

This seems to have the makings of a good movie . Unfortunately my girlfriend started feeling unwell and we had to walk out at the interval .

But the first half was good---though the pace of the film is not fast . For those who don't mind relatively slower paced films , it won't be a bad outing . 

It shows the real life survival story of an american olympic athlete after his bomber aircraft downs in a dogfight with japanese fighter aircraft . 

Survival on a lifeboat with sharks trying encircling it , no food to eat for long ( the fish they kill are raw uncooked meat which is too unpalatable to eat ) , and the classic dilemma of a person stranded at sea---water water all around , not a drop to drink !! 

At the end of this ordeal comes the bigger one---of capture and brutal treatment in a japanese prisoner of war camp....

So at the end of all this , does the hero remain unbroken ?? I think the answer may be worth finding out by going again ( this time alone !! ) to the theater and watching the rest of the movie . 

The first half is interrupted by flashbacks of the hero's growing up years---childhood experiences of being bullied and beaten , of being punished at school for lack of discipline , of overcoming odds to reach the sporting pinnacle ; only to see dreams thwarted by the coming of war.....landing in a japanese prisoner of war camp instead of the japanese capital Tokyo where the olympics were to be held....

I guess the hero is not the only one whose dreams were thwarted by world war ; indeed a lot of others in other nations suffered worse.....but our hero has the privilege of being an american---that's why a film is made on him....

One the day I would like to see a film on the life of a ukranian peasant whose life was shattered by the war.....but I guess these will be no takers for the film....

I guess there is a lot of japanese savagery towards the prisoners shown in the second half.....the japanese have already protested against it....makes me want to see the second half even more....nothing is better than controversy to attract me to a film pirat


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