Movie Review: Ugly

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Movie Review: Ugly

Post by TruthSeeker on Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:49 pm

Watched this movie on einthusan a couple of days ago. With family.

Not as in popcorn night movie, but as in kids running around, wifey in kitchen, and me doing my taxes in parallel kind.

A typical multi-tasking family, till I have to declare that everyone needs to get to bed.

But I got lost in the movie. I rewinded the movie, maybe 20 times, to make sure I did not miss a minute.

It does force you to be "attentive".

At the end of it - My wife *sighed* - It is a "sad" movie, ruined my day!

My kids were still recovering from the shock looking at me, as to what was in it to keep me so engrossed (They missed, or didnt care for most of the movie).

It is different, and a long time after PK, to have a story beyond Action-Jackson!

Watch it, when alone. Rate: 3/5.



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