Detective Bakshi vs,. Insurgent Divergent!

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Detective Bakshi vs,. Insurgent Divergent!

Post by TruthSeeker on Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:15 pm

My daughter is obsessed with that Divergent movie. Its a pretty good movie, and I have been forced to watch it twice on TV, but didnt mind it. I personally felt, that their classification of society was not different than what India thought to be correct back in 11th century with Caste system. So, in principle, I never agreed to the concept.

Last weekend, while I was keen to watch Byomkesh Bakshi movie, my daughter outrightly rejected it, and wanted to see Insurgent - I guess, a sequel to Divergent.

So we had to split. My son, and me - Hindi; the ladies - English.

I am not sure how much my son liked it, but I loved the movie.  I thought it would be some slow - RD Burman kinda music, Some artsie Bangla dude kinda direction, slow paced kinda movie - but it turned out to be some Jackie Chan kinda action, with a plot that is hard to understand if you miss even 5 mins to get popcorn! :-)

Complicated. Too much blood in some scenes. Totally unexpected, hence lovable.

Mystery and your sense of prediction is tested in a gradual manner...

Worth watching once, on TV.


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