Constitution in words, Laws in words, Implementation? *Woof*

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Constitution in words, Laws in words, Implementation? *Woof*

Post by TruthSeeker on Mon May 04, 2015 12:13 am

India is full of intelligent Bongs in cafes who discuss and argue *theory* when it comes to making laws.

But when it comes to "implementation"?


Even this Supreme Court, which has been acting as "Implementation wing" of Govt, cannot control the pending cases/corruption within Judiciary.

Its all good in books, and news articles.

4000+ dead in Nepal earthquake? This shameless media fails to report that 3000+ kids die of hunger in India, because all they want is to get TRP? Shameless!

We do not get news, we only get what politicians from each side want us to hear. Indian media is sold out to report political views, but I as a citizen hardly care what politicians think. News is not that. News is News. Plain simple facts, and issues.

Its high time Indian media becomes free.


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