5 Signs Of Diabetes That Call For Immediate Attention

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5 Signs Of Diabetes That Call For Immediate Attention

Post by Seva Lamberdar on Wed May 20, 2015 9:07 am

Diabetes is rightly called the “silent killer” because it ruins your health even before you realise it. Diabetes is characterised by a consistent increase in your blood sugar levels which brings a number of health issues. The condition is perilous for your heart, blood vessels, eyes, nerves and kidneys.

However, researches and studies continue to show new findings about this issue that is afflicting people throughout the globe on a large scale. Researchers like Ryan Madigan Raleigh believe that diabetes cannot be cured but controlled. However, it is essential for people to know how this issue shapes up inside the body so that they can take timely actions.

Ryan Madigan Raleigh gives a detailed insight of the early signs of diabetes that calls for your attention. They can be explained as follows:

[1]Dizziness, confusion, and shakiness

These symptoms often bespeak a condition of low blood sugar called hypoglycaemia. Blood sugar below 70 is considered to be low and if untreated, it can cause you to faint and call for emergency medical treatment.

[2]Excessive thirst and urination

High blood sugar levels can cause you to feel excessively thirsty and makes you to urinate frequently. This is a common symptom of hyperglycaemia and can cause severe damage to your kidneys, nerves and heart.  Make sure you follow a routine exercise schedule and consult a doctor to avoid worsening of the situation.

[3]Unhealing wounds

Diabetes causes poor blood circulation which prevents nourishing blood cells from reaching the wound for healing it. The situation can worsen because unhealing wounds can become infectious ulcers and sores. If something like this experienced, immediate medical attention is the foremost thing required.

[4]Blurry eyesight

Diabetes is the mother of many eye issues like glaucoma, retinopathy, and cataracts. If it goes untreated for long, you may gradually lose your vision and become blind. Regular eye examinations are indispensible for diabetics so that complications are kept at bay.

[5]The numb feeling in the feet

Diabetes is commonly associated to neuropathy or nerve damage owing to the poor circulation in your limbs. The condition prevents you from feeling anything in your feet which is dangerous because you stop feeling hot or cold or even cuts.

Make sure you don’t ignore such abnormality because it can be probable sign of diabetes. Follow a routine health examination routine and maintain a healthy diet by consulting an expert. Regular exercising is something which should be a part of your life. Diabetes is risky but when proper precautions are taken, things can be kept under control.

Ref.:  http://creative.sulekha.com/5-signs-of-diabetes-that-calls-for-your-immediate-attention_623468_blog

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