Ashdoc's movie review---Sicario

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Ashdoc's movie review---Sicario

Post by ashdoc on Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:43 pm

Emily Blunt plays an FBI agent who plays everything by the rule book---maybe because she is a woman , and in my experience women are more prone to live by the rules than men are . She and her partner discover gruesome corpses while on a raid and two of her team are killed in a explosion . Her boss recommends her to CIA officer ( played by Josh Brolin ) who is searching for those responsible including the boss of the drug cartel . Emily thinks that she is making no difference to the fight against drugs in her current position , and hence joins Josh . 

But after joining Josh's team Emily comes to know that the location of the raids that Josh's team conducts are totally different from what she and her partner expected , and soon realises that things simply not what they seem to be...but by now it's too late to backtrack from the mission....She finds herself as a lone woman in a team full of hard men . 

Along with them comes a enigmatic person played by Benicio Del Toro , who plays a real deep character who has a lot to hide , especially from Emily . He is the surprise element in the movie , and the CIA along with Josh plan to use him to achieve what they want . But what they want is something that shocks and stuns you when it is revealed , especially because people at high levels in the USA have approved of their extra legal methods . 

So what does Josh and his team want ?? What is Benicio's role in this ??
And most importantly , why do they want Emily to be with them in their operations ?? 
As these things get revealed , it gets mighty interesting out there....

The soundtrack in which the film is played out is in a pulsating rhythm , the pulsations getting louder as things get tense and weaker as things settle down for a while before exploding again . The landscape is bleak , but the photography is top class and makes it appear real interesting . 

Emily Blunt looks attractive and Josh Brolin looks handsome , and Benicio looks like a noble of a warrior kingdom---a dark horse . 
Acting wise , it is obvious that the film been tailormade to give maximum scope to Benicio's acting---and credit is to be given to him for using the opportunity given to him fully . Emily is good too and Josh is okay . Daniel Kaluuya gives a sold performance as Emily's partner in FBI . 

It is grimly realistic film , and it's violence has a stark feel to it . The weapons ( like automatic rifles with night vision scopes ) used look deadly and their technology menacing . It cannot be called a regular entertainer , But those who like these kind of gritty realistic films will root for it . 

Verdict---Good .
Three and a half stars .


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