Me and She!

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Me and She!

Post by TruthSeeker on Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:37 pm

One day, I returned home from work to find my 2 year old son come running to me at the door, crying.
I asked my wife as to what had transpired this, and she explained that his elder sister had hit him. She wanted to watch Sponge Bob cartoon movie, while he insisted on Tare Zameen Par.
A little upset at this hitting, I went upstairs to confront my 5 year old daughter in her room.
This is how the conversation went -
Me: Hey, why is your little brother crying?
She: (no response)
Me: Hey look at me, why is your brother crying?
She: He won’t let me watch me my movie.
Me: But did you hit him?
She: (a pause) No.
Me: Are you sure? It’s not good to lie.
She: I hit him because he was not listening to me.
Me: I understand. But haven’t I told you about the ‘no hitting’ rule?
She: He also hit me here [shows me her left elbow, with some old scratch marks]
Me: Oh! Let me look. I shall put some cream. And scold him real bad for hitting his sister.
She: Daddy, don’t scold him. He can watch his movie.
Me: But he hit you, didn’t he? You know how mad I get on that.
She: No, he did not hit me.
Me: Good. I am happy that you told me the truth. Now, do you want to know how I used to fight with my brother when I was 5 years old?
She: [With a big smile on her face now] Yeah!
What does this conversation tells us about the nature of Truth?
Truth isThe Truth, the complete Truth, and nothing but the Truth.”
As Indians, we might have little faith in judiciary, but carefully chosen legal jargon has been designed to “seek the truth” in the materialistic world. In a materialistic world as lawyers do not seek the truths of life and self. And neither have we reached a point wherein we can talk about it yet.
But, we continue to explore the nature of Truth in this series till we are ready to bring in Religions, Spirituality and God into picture.
If I break the conversation I had with my daughter, it becomes clear that she started with a lie [lacking Truth], moved on to tell me the complete truth that she did hit but added a lie to this complete truth saying that her brother had also hit her. Finally, she removed her lie to make it “nothing but the complete truth”.
As adults, how do we see it in our day-to-lives experiments with truth?
Here are a couple of examples out of hundreds that we face everyday in our lives:
[*]We read newspapers, watch TV, and often exclaim – but this is not the complete story! It is merely how it suits the Congress, or George Bush.

[*]We are often thrown statistics as arguments and counter-arguments. For example, If someone asks me, how is the economic condition of India? And I reply with – 6000 kids die of hunger in India every day! I did speak the truth, but it was “selective” to give an incorrect categorical impression about poverty in India. Of course, it is up to the other person to realize this and seek all facets of a Truth.

Let me conclude this with the following thought in the context of Truth is “always complete and nothing but the Truth”:
One can rightly question – but life is not black and white. Almost everything and anything is grey in nature. If it is grey, it has lies mixed to it and perhaps also lacks a few of Rainbow colors that white needs to be purely white.
But the point of this post is to understand the nature of the Truth i.e. what is it that is purely white in our grey lives?
To realize that one cannot realize 50% or 2% of God [or Absolute Truth].
Given this nature of Truth, the realization is either there or not there. Else it’s just our delusion or Bhram.
- TruthSeeker on April 3, 2008



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