Indian batsmen let India down on flat wickets!

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Indian batsmen let India down on flat wickets!

Post by TruthSeeker on Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:27 pm

Saw all 3 ODIs:

- Oz chased in all 3. On batsmen friendly wickets, its always better to chase
- Indian bowlers took far more wickets in 45 overs (or even in all 50), than what Oz bowlers could
- Indian batsmen in middle overs could not manage a healthier run-rate. Shikhar Dhawan taking 91 balls for his 60 runs is not acceptable on a wicket where Dhoni comes in last 10 overs with a 9 ball 23. 
- The pace of scoring by Indian batsmen is the ONLY reason why India lost all 3 matches. Oz could not even take 2-3 wickets in all three matches in first 40 overs. They were worse than Indian bowlers. Indian batsmen just got lost in their centuries batting first, while Oz batted second with a goal in mind.

Who says India has flat wickets?

Scoring 300+ in ODIs on such wickets, or scoring 200+ in T20s is the new norm. They better come up with some rules to help bowlers.

Enough of getting excited with sixes and fours as the audience.


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