Ashdoc's short movie review---Mastizaade

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Ashdoc's short movie review---Mastizaade

Post by ashdoc on Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:11 am

Two sex maniacs ( Tushar Kapoor and Vir Das ) roam from place to place looking for sex . They have learned their lesson from their self chosen guru played by Ritesh Deshmukh . However their sexcapades end when they fall in love with two twin sisters ( Sunny Leone in double role ) , with one sister having a stammer and being more chaste by Sunny Leone standards ( which means she wears revealing clothes which reveal slightly less that that of the other sister ) and the other sister wandering nearly naked . 

But the two former sex maniacs are in for trouble as they meet the sisters' father ( Asrani ) and their gay brother ( who falls in love with one of the the two males ) and the chaste sister's fiance---these three form an impediment to love . 

The film has only a few funny moments when the two males are crazily searching for sex , but begins to utterly bore you when the two fall in love . The film soon goes from bad to worse and becomes worser and worser with every frame . 

Sunny Leone has now begun to lose her sheen and her body exposure fails to excite or sexcite---all her oohs and aahs and all her poses arching and curving her body almost completely naked do not make an impression . One wonders if it is now time for her to pack her bags and go back to where she came from---Canada . Her gay brother is even more horrible and his oohs and aahs are plain stupid .

Most of the ribald jokes seem to be forced and do not evoke laughter , except briefly in the initial part of the movie .Having wasted my money , I was waiting for the torture to end as I sat in my seat in the theatre . 

Acting department wise , the movie cannot be called bad . But lack of storyline and bad script ruin the movie . Music and photography are just about okay . 

Verdict---Bad .

One star .


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