Ashdoc's movie review---Main aur Charles

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Ashdoc's movie review---Main aur Charles

Post by ashdoc on Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:49 pm

'I and Charles'---so many people had this to say about Charles Shobraj . For he had the knack of winning the confidence of anyone he came in contact with , making the person feel that he or especially she was special to Charles . And all of them were to later regret this confidence , if they survived at all....for Charles main occupation was to first become friendly and win confidence of people , and later spike their drinks with drugs and then kill them after looting them . This he did to so many hippies in Thailand , especially western bikini clad women , earning the title of bikini murderer .

And inspite of this record , or maybe because of it , the movie shows Charles literally surrounded by women in various stages of undress . Wherever he goes , he charms his way into womens' hearts , only to break their hearts , if not break their life . The men fare little better , and if they survive at all ( the men have a better chance of survival ) then they have stories of being tricked to tell.

Yet the movie does not show a single murder actually happening , for it's main purpose is not to horrify you but to glamorise Charles' life and times ; cinema sells on a cocktail of sex and glamour after all....

It is Randeep Hooda who plays Charles , and he has delved into the skin of the character so much that he looks and acts like the real Charles . You feel the charm oozing out of him , and people seem to be ready to sacrifice themselves to fuel the cause of Charles . Take the case of the character played by Richa Chaddha , a good looking female who falls in love with Charles and helps him carry out his plans of escaping from jail and is willing to be caught by the police . Or the case of a British man who Charles befriends in jail , and who becomes his accomplice in prison . 

The police are utterly frustrated trying to knock out Charles from the head of Richa , who is head over heels in love . And his repeated escapes from jail keep them playing catch up . But even in this we have a surprise in store in the end ; a surprise that leaves you in awe of the genius of Charles Shobraj.....

This is a slickly made movie ; a movie that gives the publicity to this criminal that criminals are always craving for . Watch how police officer Sudhakar Zende of Bombay police becomes a media sensation just because he apprehended Charles ; and watch him excitedly telling the account of his capture to others listening in rapt attention . Watch the slickly planned escape from jail by Charles ; how all jail guards and jailor is fooled by him . Watch the police officer ( played by Adil Khan ) who is in charge of Charles' case getting dumbfounded by Charles every time . And watch beautiful women remove their clothes for him . And watch his hypocrisy in front of media ; he claims in interviews to have given up sex and living the life of a monk !! 

Music is nice , and plays to the drum beats of Charles' hedonistic lifestyle---all semiclad women dancing on western tunes . Photography is okay . Acting is decent by everyone . 

Verdict---decent . 

Three stars .


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