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Post by TruthSeeker on Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:13 am

The delta between Ur e-life and your True self should be small.

A 73 year old male can act as a 14 year old girl on Internet.

A man with a mentality to fool women to seek sex, can be far more effective on internet.

These chat sites.

Why do we come here?

Are we trying to fool the world, or are we fooling ourselves?

Over time, true people come here to express themselves.

e.g. Seva expressed his views. Or, someone expressed their views on Cryptics, or even FlimFlam who expressed his views on how NIs write checks.

Genuine thoughts, genuine share of knowledge.

None of us come here for any other reason.

Bottom line - we come here to share our views, and hopefully learn from others.


PS: The title of this post is QB, because there are very few in this world, a rarity, that people stay who they are in real world as they are in an e-world. Over time, such differences are visible.


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