Paranormal Activity 3

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Paranormal Activity 3

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 13, 2011 2:03 pm

Watched it y'day with daughter... Kinda guessed the storyline eventually. Realized it's a prequel to the earlier movie(s). Thought it was a dud...except for me where I was enjoying how they have depicted the 80s so well.

Read it up now. And it's all making sense. Should have seen part 2 first. Having a tough time explaining the timeline to daughter though. She wants to see part 2 now, while I am saying we don't have to.

Let's see...

PS: oh, did feel a little scared when the lights were out last night.


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Re: Paranormal Activity 3

Post by ashdoc on Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:06 am


Its scary time again and back to horror movies

Ok , guys , I hadn't seen the earlier versions of Paranormal activity , and directly launched myself into part 3.

A woman with two kids form an earlier relationship moves in with her new boyfriend into a new house along with the kids . Predictibly , strange things begin to happen in the new house .

The boyfriend is a wedding photographer , and shoots everything in the house by keeping cameras in all rooms 24 hours . So we get to see the movie partially as if it has been shot by a video camera , with date and time of all events recorded on tape .

......And from the dates coming on the tapes , the events happened 23 years ago , in 1988 .

In hindi movies , the ghost actually appears rather quickly form the start and is outrageously flamboyant in showing off its ghostly powers , and there is nothing understated about the loud music which is supposed to send us into the realms of terror .

Here , the director is more subtle , and relies on background sounds , and an eerie quiet in between them to create the tension .

......And tension he does create , by constantly creating the feeling of an impending calamity when actually the calamity comes slowly upon the victims only towards the end of the movie .

But we are left squirming in our seats , waiting to see what happens next as events unfold....

And unfold they do , as one by one the newcomers of the house are made aware of the paranormal presence.

As is the trend in today's movies , there is no triumph of good over evil , and it is the mysterious dark powers that win in the end . Thus for the victims there is no escape , even when they move to another house . Their fate is sealed.....

But the movie is too short , and in the end you are left with a unsatisfied feeling of wanting to see more....



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