Beyond ‘shunya’ (zero)

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Beyond ‘shunya’ (zero)

Post by Seva Lamberdar on Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:29 am

"Our forefathers made many great discoveries through experimentation and introspection, using the body and mind as laboratories. As an example, one can consider the problem of feeling hot. Traditionally a Westerner would examine the problem and come to the conclusion that if the air is twirled around by some gadget, we should feel cooler, resulting in the development of the electric fan. Not being satisfied, the next step comes with the realization that the expansion of gases has an effect on the temperature which results in the invention of the air conditioner, which is undoubtedly very useful. .... " (The Enigmatic Black Box....... )  via email from a friend
My comment:

Since we are talking about the ancient discoveries and inventions of great significance, let me indicate here about a few such from India. While everyone is aware these days about the Indian origin of zero ('shunya'), not many people know that there is evidence in the Veda about the earliest use of decimal system and that the number of 360 degrees (really a strange number) in a circle probably arose based on the Earth completing a cycle around the Sun in that many days ---  paragraphs (2) & (3)  in essay (A48) in

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