Lights out ( short review )

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Lights out ( short review )

Post by ashdoc on Sun Aug 07, 2016 4:06 pm

This horror movie I saw today . Predictably , the ghost in this movie can attack only when the lights are out and it's powers wane when the lights are on . So the trick to keep the ghost away is the keep the lights in the haunted house on permanently . But the ghost ( it's a female spirit ) of course is all too desperate to resort to any measures to turn off the lights . 

So what do the persons / victims do ??---they keep all sorts of flashlights and torches with them in case the lights go out...and they do !! ( remember the name of the movie ) . But the beam of torches and flashlights can be directed only in one direction and in the other direction there is darkness...and in the other direction lies the ghost ( you guessed it  ) which is waiting to attack...and attack it does , for it is quite a murderous spirit . 

There a scenes in which a the evil spirit is seen in the darkness and disappears when the light is turned in that direction . But when the flashlight is turned off or in other direction the spirit is again seen... but this time it is closer !! terrifying....for it gets closer every time the torch is switched off....

So who is the spirit ? It's a lunatic woman's spirit ( she had a strange skin disorder too ) ---a woman who was killed in some experiment in the lunatic asylum , but her spirit managed to latch on to another female inmate of the asylum who was released later . And the evil spirit keeps the woman imprisoned , and sets it's evil eyes on destroying her family too....a family consisting of the woman's husband ( whom the spirit kills in the opening of the movie itself ) and her luscious blonde blue eyed daughter and her young cute son and the daughter's boyfriend . The police who come to investigate are not spared either . 

I got some jolts watching the movie , and did enjoy it . 
Will you get the same enjoyment ? Depends on how much you enjoy horror movies like I do---I am a fan of the genre .


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