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Ashdoc's movie review---Pink Empty Ashdoc's movie review---Pink

Post by ashdoc on Mon Sep 19, 2016 7:35 am

Review has spoilers

Three mod babes go to a resort with some young guys they meet at a rock concert . The three seem to be from the bubble gum crowd---wearing miniskirts or shorts showing off their lovely legs and thighs , wearing sleeveless tops that show off bra straps....but are actually more than just that , having had experience of sex with multiple partners before . The guys are not from their class---sure they have money , but are a world away with their feudal mindset of considering mod babes as 'usable material' and not allowing women of their own family any freedoms . 

A scuffle breaks off between the girls and the guys which leaves one of the guys badly injured and being rushed to hospital . What could have happened that led to the fight---this the audience is left wondering , for both sides have different views of the matter and until the end of the movie what happened is not actually shown . Rather , it is reconstructed in front of the audience as their opposing versions in court . 

So what could have happened ? Considering the obvious political correctness that such a movie is bound to take , shouldn't it be clear to the audience from the start that the guys must be in the wrong and the women in the right ? That the guys were about to rape the girls....

But the movie stretches the political correctness to the limit . What if I told you that the girls actually agreed to take payment for sex and changed their mind at the last moment because when the actual moment for physical intimacy came they were repelled from selling their bodies by their own conscience ? What does that make the guys who had already paid for sex , but found their advances thwarted at the last moment---victims or villains ? That is the question that is to be solved by the honourable court .

And helping the court solve this question is a lawyer played by the superstar Amitabh Bachhan himself , and he solves it in his own inimitable style---showing the judge how different rules are applied to girls and boys along with double standards of morality . And showing how girls of the regions on the chinese border ( one of the girls is from north east India ) are treated as 'loose and easy' .

Of the three girls , Tapsee Pannu looks best . Kirti Kulhari has become somewhat bloated since the days when I had reviewed her movie 'Jal' ( water ) , where she was a slim beauty . Andrea Tariang looks okay . Of the guys , Angad Bedi looks smart and tall but menacing . The rest look like his hangers on but some are menacing . 

The mindset of the feudal Indian male is shown . Angad is ready to use his political connections to tweak the evidence in his favour and even female cops do not have any qualms in helping him in doing that . And of course , the whole system looks at girls who wear certain clothes and have certain lifestyle ( like alcohol and multiple relationships ) as sluts .

Music is good and so are songs . What is riveting is the courtroom drama that Amitabh dominates . His acting is in good touch even at this age . Actually all act well . What is pathbreaking in the film is , the message that a 'no' by a girl should be treated as 'NO' in capital letters . Even if the 'no' is said at the last moment .

Verdict---Good . 

Three and half stars . 


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Ashdoc's movie review---Pink Empty Re: Ashdoc's movie review---Pink

Post by Seva Lamberdar on Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:37 pm

Saw the movie ('Pink') yesterday --- really a good one, with a very powerful and important message, especially to parents and sons. It should be a part of sex education class in every school.
Seva Lamberdar
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