Ashdoc's movie review---Don 3D

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Ashdoc's movie review---Don 3D

Post by ashdoc on Sun Dec 25, 2011 1:59 am

In the original film , Amitabh plays a Don who gets killed midway , and has to be replaced by a lookalike---thus proving the Don is not really unbeatable .

But Farhan Akhtar makes this film with the same premise he made his last Don film--''Don ke dushman kee sabse badi galti kya hai ?? Kee woh Don kaa dushman hai !! "

Meaning---Don is invincible , and anyone who crosses his path is doomed......

Though the above dialogue is never said in the film , Akhtar tries to show Don as unbeatable in every situation.....and all the situations however bad , are the product of the Don's planning anyway.....

But Shah Rukh Khan the actor have the acting capabilities required to play such a towering character , whose survival skills are obviously greater than the Don of yore played by Amitabh ??

The answer is that sadly he does not.....

While Amitabh played his lesser Don with absolute confidence , and the lookalike who replaces him with ever greater aplomb , the modern day Don fails to achieve the larger than life persona that Amitabh managed to inject into his role of Don.....

The fault is partly that of the scriptwriter---the dialogues given to Shah Rukh to mouth simply lack the powerpunch of the dialogues that had made the Amitabh acted Don such a cult hit .

So whats the story ??

Shah Rukh voluntarily surrenders to the Thai police because his arch enemy Vardhan ( Boman Irani )is in jail in Thailand , and has the keys to a box containing a tape which shows a murder being planned---that of a potential Swiss bank chief by his rival , who eventually succeeds in murdering the potential chief and becoming bank chief . Shah Rukh....oh oh sorry....Don intends to use the tape to blackmail the Indian deputy ( played by Ali Khan )of the bank chief to help him get the currency plates of Swiss money , so that he can print them illegally and become a billionaire . But the Indian deputy can only partially help , and the services of a computer hacker are required to hack into the security system of the bank , as Don and Vardhan and their cronies plan a daring Robbery of the currency plates .

But before that Don and Vardhan break out of the Thai jail in a well managed and well shot jailbreak sequence.....

On the trail of Don is an Indian officer , Priyanka Chopra , and by now Don has developed a sentimental attachment to her as well.....

But is it so easy to hack into the security system of a bank and rob it , just using a computer hacker ?? Anyway , this part of the film is too ' hightech ' for people in small towns to absorb , and only the educated audiences will be able to understand it . This too is a break from Amitabh's Don , where for all his style , Don and his lookalike were earthy characters who could connect with the lower classes and rural audiences .

On the other hand , Shah Rukh ( or is it director Farhan Akhtar ?? )makes it clear that he is a hero for the classes , and his niche audience is not the small town , but it is the multiplex crowd , or better still , the NRIs settled in America , Europe , middle east etc......
The small town and lower classes and left to our very own Salman Khan, who else....

So is Don really invincible ??

The ending makes that all too clear as all the pieces in the jigsaw fall exactly as the Don wants them to---yes , even those events which seemingly went against him had actually been planned by him from the start.....

And the ending is a triumph , both for the Don and especially for the director , who actually manages to bring the whole thing to a successful conclusion......

And yeah , in the end , you do get the feeling of having watched a good film.....

The hitch is actor Boman Irani , who has a permanent scowl on his face which doesnt suit him well---he should stick to comedy roles.....

On the other hand Priyanka Chopra looks good , and the others act their roles well too.....

The music is suitable for the movie , but one word---dont watch the movie in 3D ; the 3D effects really suck .

Verdict---decent .


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Re: Ashdoc's movie review---Don 3D

Post by chameli on Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:02 pm


good reviiew sir !

Don 2 doesn't cut it sorry to say.

I much preferred Amitabh Bachhan's version

Shah Rukh Khan looks old. what's with his Bahama mama hair style ? Sad

this is such a commercial film

Priyanka's figure is astounding ..

on the whole an adequate time pass


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