Here's to a bitter leadership fight!

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Re: Here's to a bitter leadership fight!

Post by Maria S on Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:05 am

In my view, Nancy Pelosi is another admirable woman who is balanced and battle-tested, and is the right person to lead the Democrats in the House of Reps at this time.  I hope she survives the aftermath of the political earthquake and brings stability to the opposition with strength and sensibility.

Speaking of admirable women..I like Nikki Haley too. To be elected as the youngest, Indian-American, and a woman twice in a Red Southern State, is amazing!  The interesting thing is that most Black Americans *(who are mostly democrats..from leaders to ordinary people in SC) also like her as a person, respect her for taking the bold stand and removing the Confederate flag from the State Capital, which is again nothing short of remarkable for a Republican. She has these inter-faith and inter-denominational meetings, which I hear are healing and seem to be quite popular.

Obviously Donald personally likes her a lot and sees "star quality" in her.. for someone who holds grudges, values loyalty and is not eager to respect women (especially when she opposed him in the primaries embracing Marco) give her such importance over all the other republican women leaders and invite her in the first batch of royal guests to his gold tower, is quite fascinating. 

Funny, how Ann Coulter is going after her, as she gets the type of "Indian" part wrong! And "pretty" as she accuses often Nikki, may not be a bad thing, if one naturally has some of it with some charm added!
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Re: Here's to a bitter leadership fight!

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