Obama Presidency : Time for a review

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Obama Presidency : Time for a review

Post by truthbetold on Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:36 pm

Obama Presidency will end in 46 days.  What are your observations? State your +ves and -ves.

Facts: 2008 Great Crash in progress, 2009 unemployment reached more than 10%. Economy in disarray.


2016: Solid economy with unemployment at 4.9%.

Obama care helping 20 plus americans to get medical insurance. 

Iran nuclear deal, climate deal

He won solid electoral victories in 2008 and 2012 but received replublican opposition for all his economic and adminstrative initiatives. With a more cooperative congress he could have helped the economy more. 

His win 2008 is a remarkable victory for American society.


Obama made a strategic error by pushing Obamacare in 2009 while the country is still in serious economic trouble. He should have spoken more often about economy (great recession) and pushed a larger infrastructure  spending (2 trillions instead of 700 billions - only 150 billions went into infrastructure , rest went to banks).

Obamacare allowed the distractors to make this into a wedge issue. He could have tried this in his second term.

Obama failed in Syria. He seems to have understood the ground realities but he was not willing to provide American leadership. His positive action in early days could have given syrian rebels a chance to topple Assad. Once Obama missed that opportunity, it is a slow moving human disaster. 

His inexperience in foreign policy hurt his presidency.  He provided good leadership to the democratic and sensible countries but did not show initiative or imagination or even desire to deal with difficult  problems. He allowed those problems to fester. 

It is not his fault but his 8 year rule saw the rise of extreme right.

In summary, Obama did a good job but because of his abilities,  we expected more from him but those expectations have not been fulfilled.


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Re: Obama Presidency : Time for a review

Post by Idéfix on Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:50 pm

Obamacare timing was good. He pushed through a major policy goal, and still he got the economy back on track. If he had waited until 2010, Obamacare would not exist. The problem with Obamacare was with the website implementation that was thoroughly screwed up.

For the record, he did push for more infrastructure spending but the GOP wouldn't support it.

Obama failed in Syria. He also expanded the drone program, which I am uncomfortable with.

All in all, Obama will be remembered as one of our best presidents.

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