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Post by ashdoc on Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:44 pm

Rajkumar Rao gets inadvertently trapped in a lonely apartment in a high rise in which no one lives . So no one to turn to for help . The lone watchman is hard of hearing---how very convenient for making the situation difficult for the hero....

So Rao has to survive without food water etc , and electricity very conveniently ( for the director ) goes off to make the situation more difficult . The very fact that Rajkumar is allowed to live in a skyscraper where no one else lives is too convenient for the director to make such a 'trapped' situation anyway...but yet the apartment is well furnished !!

Soon Rao throws the TV from the balcony , sets fire to many things in the apartment---all this in order to attract attention , but to no avail . He throws cardboards with 'help' written on them , and this attracts the attention of a woman .But she too creates hope in his mind but ultimately does not come up to help . 

Soon he has to resort to methods of survival which make you cringe---he drinks his own urine because water is not available , kills and cooks a pigeon for lack of food even though he is vegetarian , has to fight a rat , eats even insects , and all this makes him vomit severely . 

In the midst of all this he dreams of being with the girl ( Geetanjali Thapa ) he has rented the apartment for , dreams of eating food in restaurants with her , dreams of being back in normal life in the bus he travels in when going to work , dreams of being in his office....

Ultimately he manages to escape by risking his life , but by this time he has lost his matter , if you are alive the there are other girls to chase ( ashdoc's advice ) ....

The movie has been made on a super low budget . Rajkumar Rao acts and speaks in his usual bumbling stumbling manner . But the atmosphere of the film is claustrophobic due to darkness brought about by lack of electricity in the flat . 

Verdict---Just about okay .

Two stars out of five .


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