scorpion pepper and ghost pepper over habanero

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scorpion pepper and ghost pepper over habanero

Post by Guest on Mon May 22, 2017 9:35 am

NOT for the faint of heart, and that includes me. What a Face 

Went to a fair y'day... was walking from stall to stall sampling stuff and buying what we liked. One such stall was of brittles. I sampled cranberry-orange. Not impressed. Moved on. Next one was honey. Sampled habanero honey. Ooh. Felt like a sting in the mouth. Nice. Would I buy it? Nope. Am off sugar lately, and honey is sweet. Ya I am off-sugar, but yesterday was a cheat day. They had strawberry shortcakes, come on!.

By this time XH had sampled and made his purchase of brittle. 'Spicy brittle?' I asked. Yep. 'You want to taste it? It's really good'. Since it was a cheat day, I thought I might as well sample it now. And I just had habanero honey, so a little brittle would be good, how bad the spice can be. So took a piece, and chewed. All sweet vanilla stuff. Not impressed. Until got to the end of it, when I guess I chewed on the cashew. Which was FULL of spice. Not aisi waisi spice, but like my title already says, SCORPIO and GHOST Peppers, grounded.

That HURT. Initially I thought I will be able to work it out. After all I had just eaten a bunch of sweet stuff. It just kept getting worse. Daughter gave me some apple-honey too. Nope. Began gulping soda pop that we had bought earlier. Didn't help. I think it added to the sting. But chewing on ice helped a bit. Made everyone stop at the syrup stand and tasted syrups, first making sure none of it had ANY kind of spice in it. Finally the mouth burn eased down. But the tummy burn began. Shocked


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