Ashdoc's movie review---Everything , Everything

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Ashdoc's movie review---Everything , Everything

Post by ashdoc on Wed May 24, 2017 2:23 pm

Maddy ( played by Amandla Stenberg ) is a cute young girl who is supposed to have an immune disease that will kill her if she comes into contact with the outside world . So her mother ( played by Anika Noni Rose ) who is a doctor keeps her in a controlled environment where everything is sterlized and Maddy does not come into contact with any infection which can kill her because of her weak immune system . She is not allowed to ever go outside her house , and can only dream of the outside world . 

The only people who ever are allowed to come into the house are Maddy's nurse ( played by Ana de la Reguera ) and the nurse's daughter . Maddy's life is the internet and has learnt about the outside world due to this . The house in which Maddy lives is real posh and her mother it seems has real money to be able to keep her in such luxury with a nurse in attendance and her every need being taken care of inside the house . But the real need---to be able to breath the fresh air of the outside world ; what about that ? 

As if sent to fulfil her need for companionship one day a nice looking young boy named Olly ( played Nick Robinson ) moves into the neighbourhood , and he begins to flirt with Maddy from his window which is directly opposite Maddy's window . A young girl full of hormones kept closed in a house starving for someone to love and share and care...does it get more desperate than that ? Maddy directly hooks to Olly without any ado , and soon the two are messaging and texting each other all day and night . 

The two soon meet when her mother is not around and even though warned against physical contact , they can hardly keep their hands off each other . And why not ? For Maddy looks hot and sexy in cleavage baring and breast outlining and leg showing short clothes throughout the movie , and she is not the only one in the room loaded with hormones . 

And Maddy is in love....not just with Olly , but with the idea of going out with him and seeing the open sea and feeling the soft ocean breeze against her breath . She wants to explore the outside world and wants her love besides her everywhere and in all places . It is an idea for which she is ready to take all risks with her health and her life . So she asks Olly to elope with her to Hawaii . Love and longing is something for which she is willing to give up on everything , everything---including her very existence on earth....the scene is set for tearjerking tragedy....

Or is it ? For near the end of the film the director turns everything upside down with a revelation....a revelation that makes mockery of everything shown in the film till then....a revelation that will make the true blue critics shake their collective heads in condescension....

But I wasn't shaking my head in disappointment....for I am not a professional critic but am an ordinary person....and like an ordinary person I was rooting for Maddy to get her not just get her love but to acquire it....and not just acquire it but to let her roam freely on the world's oceans like a carefree bird along with her lover...and I wanted to see her kiss her boyfriend with her red hot lips and and I wanted to see her making love on satin sheets....and if the revelation towards the end of the movie was going to make Maddy get what she wanted , then I was willing to let go of my critical sensibilities just for the joy of seeing her get what she hell with the critics !! 

Photography of the movie is great , with stunning shots of the ocean at sunset in Hawaii and shots of the forest of Hawaii taken from above with it's winding road and great photography of the sea and the waters of the sea . Colours of the movie are rich , and house in which Maddy lives is beautiful . Background music is good , and the songs played in the background are obviously romantic . Acting is decent from all , and the chemistry between the lead pair is good . The film is for those with a yen for romance . 

Verdict---Nice .

Three stars .


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