Bloomberg Op-Ed: Why Narendra Modi is unsuitable for India

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Bloomberg Op-Ed: Why Narendra Modi is unsuitable for India

Post by Rashmun on Thu May 25, 2017 12:01 pm

The devastating flaw in Modi’s project is this: He is trying to build a homogeneous national community in an irrevocably diverse country. It commits him and his party to demonizing, excluding and alienating too many members of the Indian population....

His borrowed projects -- “Smart Cities,” “Make in India” -- reveal Modi’s own idea of India to be outmoded and unviable. The jobs awaited by millions of Indians are unlikely to materialize, as manufacturing industries in India struggle with the radical changes wrought by automation. As their great leader fails, inevitably, Modi’s supporters are likely to intensify their hunt for scapegoats. The next few years, it is safe to say, will be the most treacherous yet for India.


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