orphaned by drought

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orphaned by drought

Post by confuzzled dude on Sun May 28, 2017 4:19 pm

This is reality:

A survey by seven NGOs in May revealed that over 1,000 children in 26 villages, have been left behind by their parents who have migrated out of Andhra Pradesh, a majority of them to Kerala, Bangalore and the Gulf. They did so because last year rainfall in the district was 284mm, compared to 722mm in 2010-11.

By April, over 40 per cent of the agricultural borewells in Anantapur had dried up and a severe drinking water shortage was reported in 70 per cent of the villages.

This is a humanitarian crisis because never before have such a large number of homes been populated only by minors.

This is how Chandrabau duped the people of Andhra

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