Ungrateful UP CM Adityanath slams people who gave huge donations to his organization

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Ungrateful UP CM Adityanath slams people who gave huge donations to his organization

Post by Rashmun on Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:34 pm

1. UP CM Adityanath seems to be an ungrateful person. There is documentary evidence available which shows that Mughals including Akbar and even Aurangzeb patronized the religious sect of Adityanath. No other kings before the Mughals gave Adityanath's sect as much patronage. For more on this, see 


2. One would have imagined that Adityanath would have a soft corner for at least the Mughals, that he would express appreciation for Akbar, and so forth.

3. However, far from appreciating Akbar and the other Mughals, Adityanath has been belittling them by pitting Akbar against Lord Rama using nonsensical mythological stories. Adityanath is saying that Tulsidas never accepted Akbar as his king, but there is no historical record of this and unlike Adityanath i have been a student of Mughal history. Adityanath is spreading lies and falsehoods in his quest to propagate Hindutva.


4. Sad to see Adityanath slamming the great mughal emperor Akbar and calling Akbar an 'invader':


This is the same Akbar who had given huge grants to Adityanath's mutt the Gorakhnath peeth in  which Adityanath continues to be the head priest.

Adityanath has shown that chaddis like him do not know the meaning of gratitude.


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