Ashdoc's movie review---G kutta se

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Ashdoc's movie review---G kutta se

Post by ashdoc on Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:35 pm

I went to watch this movie because the critics are crowing about it , and on the other hand the jat community of Haryana is protesting against the film . 

The movie is in the haryanvi language and even though english subtitles make the film understandable , the name of the movie is the first stumbling block---what does 'G kutta se' mean ? One thing I am sure about---whatever their defects are , the jats contribute majorly to the defence of the nation by enlisting in the armed forces in large numbers and it is due to their sacrifices that we live securely in our homes ; so I would go a bit soft on criticising them . 

The director of the movie himself is a jat and has made the film to highlight the lowly status of women in haryana . The film shows women being subject to molestation , and above all to honour killing . 

The film begins with a man molesting his cousin's wife while she is sleeping . Soon he joins with two others to steal a vehicle . After the attractive female in the vehicle is at the point of being raped by one of them , the anti hero ( played by Rajveer Singh ) of the film emerges out of the three men to prevent the rape . Amazingly , even though the female has just emerged from a horrifying almost rape situation , she quickly goes back to normal and flirts with the anti hero and cradles him in her lap . Before that also she begins to drink alcohol with her kidnappers even though she has been kidnapped and caught in a horrible situation . One wonders how much juvenile the direction of the movie can get at this point ? How is the female cool and acts brazenly in such dire circumstances ? 

The movie then moves to the situation of a very young girl ( played by Rashmi Singh Somvanshi ) who performs some sexual acts with a boy of her age , but the whole thing gets filmed on mobile phone and MMS of her act starts circulating in the village . The parents' dire solution to the situation---honour killing what else . The older women of the village are not far behind the men in participating in this act of honour killing ; even they cannot think beyond honour and tradition . This act occurs in parallel to the death of the family dog at a doctor's clinic ; does the parallel death of the dog mean that the title of the movie is becoming understandable ? Does the title of the movie mean that women lead dog's lives in haryana , or die dog's deaths ?

The third situation is that of a good looking young woman ( played by Neha Chauhan ) who is genuinely in love . But her young man is more interested in her body than in love . The scenes showing them physically intimate are authentically real , and it is with this subplot that the director emerges on his own . As her love story also becomes public , real fear grips you knowing that her goose is cooked---for her family is baying for murder for the sake of family name ; all her mother's entreaties fall on deaf ears ; only her brother helps her in the circumstances . But she is a gritty woman of steel ; decides to pre empt her own murder by taking the bull by the horns and embark on some savagery of her own . Neha Chauhan's acting is most brilliant . 

However the anti hero of the film played by Rajveer Singh ( the one who had prevented rape from happening in the first subplot ) now changes from a reasonable person to unreasonable....that's why I called him as anti hero rather than hero....and he destroys every hope that the character played by Neha Chauhan has for happiness by his sheer violence....the film comes to a gruesome end even though the gritty girl what happens in the end ? Well , this is a review not storytelling and some things are best left to watch for yourselves....

The film has the marks of the leftist mindset that has long controlled making of art movies in this land....and this is an art movie....the villains are typically caste hindus , the victims are either women as shown in this film or minorities . Some scenes are graphic in nature even after the censor board's cuts , and language is foul and full of obscenities . Director Rahul Dahiya has not held back in tarnishing the image of his own community , though of course his point of view will be that he is only showing the truth . Considering his great empathy for persecution of women , will he ever make a film about how girls from minorities are sold by people in their own community to rich sheikhs for carnal pleasures ? Probably not . A HA !!

Photography of the movie has some quality , especially the scene of the boy and girl on motorcycle with the train passing close behind and the wind generated by the train's speed billowing the girl's hair . Music is okay . Acting is decent in parts . 

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars .


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