Hot news for Kayar Vizhi.......

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Hot news for Kayar Vizhi.......

Post by Vakavaka Pakapaka on Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:06 pm

......In the past Marathas ruled parts of TN and, looks like, another Marathi (Rajnikanth) is interested in becoming the CM. He also wants to link TN rivers with Krishna, Godavari and North Indian rivers (so that water will flow towards TN rivers, and not the other way around). Does Kayar Vizhi like Hindian waters polluting TN rivers? What if bhaiyyas treat the water with "aswacch bharat" before sending it South? Why should AP agree to sharing the water from Krishna and Godavari after Chidambaram actively supported splitting of AP into two states (to weaken it) and Jaya blocked granting of special category status to AP? This, after AP helped TN with the "Telugu Ganga" project. May be, TN should use its dry rivers as highways!....

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