India already has all kinds of synthesis........

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India already has all kinds of synthesis........

Post by Vakavaka Pakapaka on Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:12 pm

.......With a declared approach to living in harmony with nature and accepting divergent views (truth is one but the wise describe it variously; choose a path that is natural for you and you will find life fulfilling; all paths can lead to the same goal; the fundamental essence in the universe and in you is one and the same and if you realize and live with that understanding, you are enlightened.....), Indians are already on a good path (unlike Semitic faiths which believe that theirs is the real way and other paths lead to eternal hell).......

If any Semitic follower wants to synthesize something with non-Semitic faiths (aka H-M synthesis), he/she is essentially going against the basic tenants of Semitic dogma. So, unless Semitic followers want to give up on the basics of their faith, they can't synthesize with non-Semitic fellows. 

Aurangazeb's sishya is wasting his time advocating something that goes against his guru's religion. He might as well follow his faith sincerely - wrap himself with the special belt, go into a group of 72 camels & donkeys and press the button; Gaud will ensure that the sishya & his 72 friends "land" in paradise..........

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