Henri Matisse exhibit at the MFA

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Henri Matisse exhibit at the MFA

Post by MaxEntropy_Man on Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:00 am

In you are in the New England area or happen to be passing by, this is one not to be missed. On till 7/9.  

It's beautifully organized by genre and era and depicts the transformation of the artist from a still life painter to one who dealt in pure form and color, and who towards the end of his life completely gave up painting and dealt in paper cut outs. So much contemporary pop art and culture including the famous ipod/iphone adverts featuring faceless cut outs of dancing male and female forms in black against a monochromatic background with white earphones running across them is influenced by Matisse.

I am hoping to see what is considered the pinnacle of his work, the chapel in Vence later this summer.

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