Impending India-China War? Detailed analysis

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Impending India-China War? Detailed analysis

Post by Kayalvizhi on Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:15 am

Turning to Sikkim, Global Times says: “Beijing should reconsider its stance over the Sikkim issue. Although China recognized India’s annexation of Sikkim in 2003, it can readjust its stance on the matter. There are those in Sikkim that cherish its history as a separate state, and they are sensitive to how the outside world views the Sikkim issue. As long as there are voices in Chinese society supporting Sikkim’s independence, the voices will spread and fuel pro-independence appeals in Sikkim.”

“With certain conditions, Bhutan and Sikkim will see strong anti-India movements, which will negatively affect India’s already turbulent northeast area and rewrite southern Himalayan geopolitics,” Global Times predicted.

“China should lead the international community in restoring Bhutan’s diplomatic and defense sovereignty. Unfair treaties between India and Bhutan that severely violate the will of the Bhutanese people should be abolished. China needs to put more efforts into establishing diplomatic ties with Bhutan at an earlier date as well.”

Beijing clearly hopes that Bhutan and Sikkim will soon join Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan in resisting India, with overt and covert Chinese help.

It is entirely conceivable that in the coming years, nationalistic feelings, lying dormant in any distinct ethnic, linguistic, cultural and geographical group, will come out, especially when a powerful neighbor like China is ready to give a helping hand.
China said that it will be a war in which India will meet the same fate as it did in the 1962 conflict, that is, a thorough drubbing. However, while a military confrontation between Asia’s biggest countries is indeed on the cards, it is likely to be limited in nature as the 1962 war also was.


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Re: Impending India-China War? Detailed analysis

Post by Vakavaka Pakapaka on Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:36 am

Not going to happen. China won't risk it. 

If China opens the Sikkim issue, India will open the Tibet issue. The world has a lot of sympathy for Dalai Lama and China will be isolated on that issue. PakiSatan will continue to be a concubine for China as long as China will do what the US did in the past - throw away a lot of money and ask no questions. China can't do that for long. China won't help LTTE because that will hurt the feelings of Sri Lanka. 

It is China that is surrounded by hostile countries - Japan, S Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, India..... Being friendly to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka won't fetch much for China as the US, Japan, Australia and India are working together to secure the sea routes. Russia won't take sides on this issue because it is of no consequence to them and they don't want to lose the defence business with India.

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