Aimless globetrotting?

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Aimless globetrotting?

Post by confuzzled dude on Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:15 am

The question then is whether Modi's engagement is working. "He's placed India on a global stage," says Ganguly, calling foreign policy "the brightest spot" in Modi's three years as Prime Minister so far. "But it remains to be seen what longer-term impact his globetrotting really has."

There has been an uptick in foreign investments as part of Modi's "Make in India" program, for example, but it's difficult to make an exclusive causality back to the PM's diplomacy.
Critics say despite appearances Modi hasn't changed the direction of Indian foreign policy. "Modi is building a foreign policy around himself," says Sukumar, pointing to the public relations messaging around the Prime Minister's global missives. "But he is outliving the effect of his personal diplomacy. His team has not put together a vision of something more defined or longer lasting."
Perhaps the most visible Indian foreign policy shift in recent decades has been its closeness with the United States. On a visit to India in 2010, President Obama famously predicted the two countries would share "a defining partnership" of the 21st century. For Indians who remembered their ties with the erstwhile Soviet Union just two decades ago, this was a pronounced shift, an open declaration of shared values and goals. (Typically, India has also remained friendly with Russia under Putin).
Modi can't take any credit for Indo-US relations, can he? it all started much before his time. What are his accomplishments on this front? Agreeing to manufacture fighter jets based on 50 year old technology and pay huge-sums to America in return? It looks like a win-win situation for America, not India.

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