Ashdoc's movie review---Baby driver

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Ashdoc's movie review---Baby driver

Post by ashdoc on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:51 am

Baby ( played by Ansel Elgort ) is the nickname of a fabulously talented car driver who has had the bad luck of being forced to use his skills at driving for the wrong guys---thieves who carry out high profile and big stakes heists . His mom and dad got killed in his childhood when they got involved in an accident , leaving baby to be brought up be a black man named Joseph who also was deaf and mute . Baby got mixed up with gang when he tried to rob the head of the gang ( played by Kevin Spacey ) and was forced to join the gang to pay off his debt to the head . The accident in which his parents died left baby with tinnitus in his ears , and he listens to music all the time on earphones to drown out the noise in his ears . So far so bad for baby....I mean he has had a run of bad luck all of his short life . 

The good part about baby is that he is very young and looks kinda cute with a refreshing youthful innocence , which is the reason he is called baby in the first place . The other good part---he has managed to get a good girl for himself ; the kind of girl that not only looks good but is good from the heart as well ; the kind of girl who sticks with her boy through thick and thin and does not leave him even when he is in dire trouble....and we all know the importance of a woman's support in the success of a man don't we....I mean the importance of a girl's support in the success of her boy---they are still kids you know....

Baby's one dream is to break free from his boss and the gang and drive off with his girlfriend Debora ( played by Lily James ) to nowhere without a care in the world and without a plan in mind....yeah , that's what young love is like....but his boss threatens to kill his foster father and his girlfriend if he baby is forced to take part in the gang's activities against his will....and those activities become increasingly murderous with police officers getting killed and heists going wrong....and soon all hell breaks loose with the police hot on their heels....

In all this mayhem baby never loses his humanity and tries to save innocent people's lives , even though all around him guns are blazing and vehicles are turning topsy turvy after banging with each other . But baby has to take the path of violence too , when bad guys threaten his very existence and also that of his foster father and his girl ; all weapons booming and cars smashing into each other and blood spilling out of bodies...

So will baby and his girl survive in this mess ? I kinda wished they would....but after a very good first half with great thrills and chills , the movie turns corny in the second half and the action becomes ordinary....
Never mind...the film has given some entertainment already....

Music is the hallmark of the film , for our hero has the habit of converting even ordinary conversations into music on cassette tapes . Photography I would rate as good . Colours are decent . It all adds up to a barely decent film . I am giving it three stars because I grew kinda fond of the pair---baby and his girl ; and like the gang leader in the film who finally decides to sacrifice his life for protecting the two kids because he remembers the time when he was young and in love , I too was young and in love once....

Verdict---Three stars .


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