How will Sikularists respond to what happened in Anantanag........

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How will Sikularists respond to what happened in Anantanag........

Post by Vakavaka Pakapaka on Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:41 pm

They will say that it is all Modi's fault. If Modi didn't get tough with Pakis and their paid stone pelters, Amarnath yatris would have been alive now.

They will ask the govt. to check if Hindu fundamentalism across India is making the pieceful vulnerable and they are trying to protect themselves.

They will say that iSlam should not be blames for a stray pieceful act in J&K.

Pappu would say that cow slaughter ban, women washing the feet of Chattisgarh CM, Yoga, vande mataram, pujas to trees & animals, etc., are all against what Gaud told the pieceful. They are deeply hurt and can't take this any longer.

Aurangazeb's sishya will say that the driver of the bus (a Muslim) was brave and he saved a lot of lives. That he decided to drive at a forbidden time, is not important. If all Hindus are converted into Wahabism (aka H-M synthesis), there will be no kafirs left and hence no violence.

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