Trouble in Andhra Pradesh: Dalits facing social boycott

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Trouble in Andhra Pradesh: Dalits facing social boycott

Post by Rashmun on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:51 am

When will this barbaric and inhuman behavior come to an end? What is the solution to the problems being faced by dalits in India today?


Twelve hundred Dalits belonging to the Mala community of Ambedkar colony in Garagaparru are currently facing one of the most brutal social boycotts in the history of Andhra Pradesh....

Trouble started late in the night on April 23, when some Dalit youth of the Lutheran Sangham of Ambedkar colony (also called Christianpeta) set up a statue of B.R. Ambedkar on the bank of the village pond, where statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Alluri Sita Rama Raju and Arthur Cotton already exist. Dalits from the colony became Christians soon after independence and subscribe to Lutheran theology. They formed a sangham about five years ago. They slowly started asserting their stigmatised identity and their emancipator Ambedkar using the Lutheran Sangham as a platform to conduct meetings and mobilise themselves...

This growing assertion of the Dalits, who had been docile because of their dependence on the landowner castes, hurt their ego. The statue, which was erected on the night of April 23, went missing even before the sun rose the next morning. Agitated, around 1000 Dalits blocked the Bhimavaram Tadepalligudem state highway all day, forcing the sub-collector of Narsapur to come to speak to them. The Dalits alleges that some youth belonging to the upper castes removed the statue and hid it in the old panchayat office...

The sub-collector ordered for a search to be conducted and ensured a temporary truce between the warring groups by having it temporarily placed at an alternate space – right outside the old panchayat office, keeping in mind the high court’s stay order.
But this clearly upset the landed castes and an open social boycott was orchestrated.


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