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Post by MaxEntropy_Man on Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:22 pm

Some American business interests also quietly grumbled that the Magnitsky rule would derail the fragile relations between the two countries – the commercial relations, particularly – and that Browder might have achieved a moral right at the expense of irreversibly angering the Russians and queering lucrative business interests.

Hillary Clinton herself went so far as to oppose the Magnitsky rule at one point in time. Her opposition, as reported by the Wall Street Journal and others, coincided with a trip to Moscow by Bill Clinton in which he was paid $500,000 to give a speech by Renaissance Capital, a firm that Sergei Magnitsky himself had claimed was part of the tax fraud perpetuated against Browder.

The Obama administration, too, originally opposed the Magnitsky rule in favor of a "reset" and a continuation of a nervous détente with Putin, one that among other things would include further nuclear arms reductions. Obama at the time was pushing the idea of "nuclear zero," a world without nuclear weapons. But there was considerable opposition to this concept in the Senate, and the Magnitsky act became a vehicle for consolidating legislative opposition to the "reset."

Poots has been besting pols from both parties for a while.

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