Ashdoc's movie review---Dunkirk

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Ashdoc's movie review---Dunkirk

Post by ashdoc on Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:32 am

For those who don't know , this is the background to Dunkirk . In the second world war , the Germans handed a huge defeat to the defending French and British soldiers in France . A part of the French army and almost all the troops the British had sent to help the French were trapped near the port of Dunkirk on the English channel surrounded by German soldiers on three sides . The only hope the British had was to escape from Dunkirk back to Britain by sea to live to fight another day . So many private boats owned by ordinary British people sailed across the English channel and brought back the soldiers stranded at Dunkirk . Though a retreat , Dunkirk was still hailed by Britons as a evacuation that brought back their army to regroup and re equip to fight the Germans again . 

The movie itself gets better and better as it progresses . The fear and the uncertainty of war---it's all there . The tension on the soldiers' faces as they wait on the beaches , the relief when they see dozens of small private boats coming for them , the cheering for those private citizens by the soldiers as they take in the soldiers , the uncertainty of war again as the boats are attacked by German warplanes and some get killed , the shame of having retreated from France , the disbelief when ordinary citizens do not treat them with contempt for having fled the battlefield but instead offer them food and drinks , and the stirring speech in the end by Britain's Prime minister Winston Churchill promising never to surrender---it's all there in the movie . 

Individual bravery does form a part , as is shown by the gallantry of a British pilot who has run out of fuel but still manages to shoot a German warplane trying to kill the soldiers on the beach . Individual cowardice too---as in case of a French soldier who tries to escape with the British instead of defending his country's land . Hard decisions taken too form a part , like the one to not use the Royal ( British ) navy to evacuate the soldiers and the Royal air force to help cover the evacuation from air---because they would have to be used later to defend the oncoming German invasion of Britain instead of being sacrificed at Dunkirk . 

The movie is well photographed , with the dogfights between British and German fighters in the air shown with precision . The cracking sound of gunfire hitting the aircraft , the thump of onrushing water when it lands into the sea---all look authentic . The desperation of a troop of soldiers who commandeer an abandoned boat on the beach and wait for high tide to come so that it can be put to sea , only to be shot at by Germans and holes drilled by bullets in the boat so the water will rush in when the boat is put to sea and will be sunk---all is well crafted . 

There is the heroism of an old man and his son who are joined by the ship's hand who wants to become a hero by saving lives , only to see his bid for heroism thwarted tragically by a shell shocked soldier who is picked up and does not want the boat to go to Dunkirk to get attacked again by Germans . A gunfire damaged German plane crashing into the water to ignite the oil spilled around it endangering the lives of soldiers stranded in the spill---that's the way it is in real war . 

The background music complements the events and many of the events are tragic with a suddenness that befuddles---one moment evacuated soldiers are enjoying their sandwiches in a ship , and next moment the ship is hit and drowned and they are in the midst of water....

The movie is relatively short but still delivers the bang for the buck , especially in IMAX form . Colours are authentically pictured and acting by everyone is appropriate . 

Verdict---Good .

Four stars out of five .


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Re: Ashdoc's movie review---Dunkirk

Post by Hellsangel on Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:29 am

Another masterpiece from Nolan after The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception. No surprise that Tom Hardy and Cilian Murphy were in it. And another great score by Hans Zimmer.

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