Ashdoc's movie review---Indu sarkar

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Ashdoc's movie review---Indu sarkar

Post by ashdoc on Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:14 pm

Indu Sarkar is a cleverly connived name---ostensibly it is the name of the heroine of the movie played by Kirti Kulhari . But the game of the name is different of course . The whole movie harks back to the time of the emergency that was imposed on the country by Prime minister Indira Gandhi in 1975 , and the name 'Indu sarkar' also harks back to the time when her sycophants used to say 'Indira is India' 

Indu ( the character played by Kirti Kulhari , not Indira you naughty  ) grows up with a stammer in a children's home , and struggles to find a mate because of her stammer even though she is beautiful . But she manages to catch the attention of Navin Sarkar ( played by Tota Roy Chowdhary ) , who is a high ranking government servant ( even high rankers were servants during the time of Indu Sarkar...I mean Kirti Kulhari's character NOT the PM you mischevious  ) . And they get married soon . Indu is the meek wife ( exactly opposite of the other Indu don't you think  ) who is totally dependent on her husband due to her stammer . 

But as the emergency is launched she sees in a slum demolition drive in which innocent people are being killed and protects two children there , whom she brings home . But her husband wants her to abandon the children and does not want to hear a bad word about the emergency ( now you know the meaning of government 'servant' ) . But Indu , who has seen the horrors of the emergency at close quarters , decides to leave her husband who is clearly a part of the government machine of tyranny . She comes in contact with a group of activists who are organising people against the emergency and joins them . They are led by a Gandhi like figure , called Nanaji played by Anupam Kher . But as a dialogue in the film says , the concept of 'Gandhi' has changed totally now . It is Sanjay Gandhi who now rules the roost , and the mahatma has been forgotten....

This brings us to the villain of the movie , who is called 'chief' but his being Sanjay Gandhi is hardly disguised . In fact Neil Nitin Mukesh is near perfect in looks to Sanjay Gandhi , and his dialogues exude the same arrogance . His coterie is complete with characters who look like Kamal Nath , Jagdish Tytler and Rukhsana Sultana . When his footware falls from his feet ministers of government rush to put it back onto his feet . He spouts dialogues like 'Government of the country runs at the crack of a whip' or words to that effect . Only Narayan Dutt Tiwari was missing ; he who had said ''Main hu Sanjay ki sawari , mera naam Narayan Dutt Tiwari'' meaning 'Sanjay mounts me' if very roughly translated into english . Now don't make naughty assumptions about what I wrote just now

The movie begins with a forced vasectomy ( sterlisation ) drive which was a draconian measure to reduce overpopulation of the country and was the most notorious hallmark of the emergency ; scores of young people are shown forced by the chief's minions to undergo vasectomy and therefore unable to beget children in future . Not surprisingly, 'Indira hatao indriya bachao' ( remove Indira from power and save your genitals) became a powerful election slogan among these people in the next elections . Most of them are shown to be muslims in the movie . Even the demolition drive is shown to destroy the homes of muslims mostly . RSS shakhas are targeted too . 

Indu ( Kirti ) latches herself into the struggle against emergency with a commitment that surprises ; the frail sweet looking Kirti Kulhari looks too fragile for this . She looks like woman made for romance , so goodlooking she is . But Kirti has put all her acting talent to use to produce a spontaneous performance that makes the story all too believable . Her emotional speech in the end in the courtroom when she is put on trial for fighting against the government is great to hear as a case against the emergency , and her stammer has been put to good effect to make her appear so vulnerable . And in the end her husband too realises his mistake....but by that time it is too late for making good past mistakes . 

The movie has decent performances all around , and background music and songs and photography are okay too . The climax in which Indu is reunited with the children she had saved in the demolition drive makes for an emotional ending . 

Verdict---Good .

Three stars out of five .


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