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Post by TruthSeeker on Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:25 pm

My take on these 4 inter-related things in a society:

To be corrupt is a mindset. If the system and/or even society allows for it, or even promotes it, then even borderline corrupt people will choose it. Asking - why not? Everyone else is doing it!

So, IMHO, one must understand that corruption is a mindset, not a criminal practice in a country like India. Where cases take decades to resolve. The rich and powerful actually take corruption as their "birth right" in India, taken for granted.

How do you break such a mindset?

With drastic measures. With shock.

Such a mindset will still find the "ways".

But now this mindset has been shaken.

It has forced people to think differently.

Break the "norm".

It is NOT in the tangible as to how much demonetization has succeeded, but in the INTANGIBLE mindset of a largely corrupt country like India.

Thats the beauty.

Now, people will think - Oh, why take all the pains. Lets just be honest and move on.

India's worst enemies are its Election Commission, and Judiciary. They are supposed to be the guards of democracy.

But they are complacent and lethargic bodies.

Everyone in India knows that Robert Vadra misused his powers, but he can be your next MP/MLA.

Thats the state of Indian EC and Judiciary.

Its NOT the people, or rapist MLAs who should be blamed - its the EC and Judicial System that needs major reforms.

random musings.


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