Life is not fun anymore?

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Life is not fun anymore?

Post by TruthSeeker on Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:00 am

The point of life is - to Live.

Live life. Experience life. 

Enjoy the fact that you are breathing, in a body that is alive, experiencing life.

What have we humans turned our lives into?

There is a fundamental issue that humans have created with their lives.

Its like religion.

I am a Hindu. I will kill you if you kill Hindus.

I am a Christian. I am supposed to kill you if you kill Christians.

Lets not repeat it for Muslims, because we all know how twisted Islam is taught.

The point is the same with human life.

Have you realized that a human's life could be twisted far more than Islam?


Why is a human so messed up with job, credit card, 401K, spouse, kids, relationships, retirement, 529 college education for kids, old parents dying, blah blah............the list goes on, as one grows older.

Where is the time and energy for self?

Something is wrong with human life.

 I am convinced.


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