"Naturally Corrupt Party" all set to become a BJP ally

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"Naturally Corrupt Party" all set to become a BJP ally

Post by Rashmun on Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:46 am

And, after the Gujarat drama, Sharad Pawar's NCP looks all set to become a BJP ally like Nitish's JD(U).

Earlier, NaMo had described the NCP as "Naturally Corrupt Party"*, but all that is surely in the past. These days, in India, the moment one adorns a saffron chaddi, all sins (in the past, present and future) are swiftly forgiven and forgotten.


PANDHARPUR (MAHARASHTRA): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday escalated his attack on NCP alleging it was a "Naturally Corrupt Party" even as its chief Sharad Pawar said he was undermining the dignity of the PM's post by making "personal attacks".

With just one day left for the assembly poll campaign to end in Maharashtra, the war of words among the rival parties was getting shriller as they went all out to woo voters.

Modi continued to target the NCP alleging that if it is voted to power again, it will further increase its "corrupt activities." 

Terming the NCP as a "Naturally Corrupt Party," Modi said it is not a Rashtravadi (Nationalist) party, but a "bhrashtacharvadi" (corrupt) party. 

Modi was addressing rallies at Pandharpur town in Solapur district and at Tuljapur in Osmanabad district.

"NCP is naturally corrupt. Since the time the party was born nothing has changed, their leaders have remained the same. Do you know what their clock (party symbol) means? The clock shows 10 minutes past 10 which means in 10 years they have increased their corrupt activities 10 times," he said. 

"If they (NCP) are voted to power once again, they will now increase their corruption 15 times," he added....

Charging that the Congress and the NCP together "destroyed" the state during their rule, the Prime Minister urged the people to "wipe" out both the parties from state politics.



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