shubh mangal saavdhan

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shubh mangal saavdhan

Post by t w on Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:00 pm

the boy likes the girl (and she knows it), and sends proposal to her via online matrimony. all set for an arranged marriage, she wants a little bit of love pre wedding. Turns out our boy has some 'gents problem'. 

A little over the top, once the families get involved, as in you can't believe this happens. (But then in India if there was any acceptable cause of divorce, this used to be one.) Overall, quite a funny movie once you get over that shock. Nice comic timings, dialogs, characterizations, and the script stays on course for the most part (a couple of scenes were a bit of a stretch, but nothing too distracting). Great performances. Can watch. If you watch it with your SO, chances are you might want to do it right after. So plan it accordingly.Wink

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