Ashdoc's movie review---The final exit

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Ashdoc's movie review---The final exit

Post by ashdoc on Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:53 am

Ashdoc's movie review---The final exit

A fashion photographer ( played by Kunaal Roy Kapoor ) lives the hedonistic life---a new woman every evening and drugs every night . It begins to affect his job and his work and his doctor gives him pills to ward off the drug habit . But a strange supernatural thing begins to happen every time he wakes up from a drug fuelled slumber ; he sees clips on his computer of a mysterious woman at his bedside every night . Later he begins to see her live on the screen of his camera every time he takes a photo , and she comes closer every time he takes a new photo giving the chills to the audience . But she does not hurt him ever and goes away every night after staring at him for endless hours leaving behind her high heeled shoes . 

Later he begins to have dreams of a mysterious place high in the mountains where a damsel is in dancing pose with her lovely face hidden by clothing . He desperately yearns to go to this place , but apparently he gets to see this place only when he has dreams after taking drugs . His doctor tells him that drug fuelled dreams are remembered as reality after waking up and that is why he must give up his drug habit . So is the damsel and the place in the mountains just a creation of his drug induced stupor ? Or is it for real ? 

But one day Kunaal meets a delicately beautiful maiden in exposing clothes at his photo exhibition who takes him on a ride in his vehicle and shows the route to the place of his dreams on google maps . She also tells him the story of a rishi ( saint ) who was meditating to God to achieve salvation , but a stunningly beautiful girl began to dancing around him touching him with her lovely body and aroused his senses , thus destroying his tapasya ( meditation ) . But Kunaal's vehicle crashes and he wakes up next morning with the maiden ( Ananya Sengupta ) having vanished , but the google map on his mobile phone still pointing the way to his dream destination . 

So Kunaal sets on a lone ride to his destination riding his SUV at double quick pace . Just like that . No preparation or packing . And he soon leaves the city and the last vestiges of habitation to arrive in the misty mountains . Is this a real ride or a trip ?---I mean a drug fuelled one . God only knows....

But at this point I wasn't caring....the movie was moving into my favourite real life destination---the high mountains , where air is crisp and clear and the weather is cool and there are tons of breathtaking sights to see . But where was this ? Somewhere beyond the high himalayas most probably in Ladakh....or was it Sikkim or Arunachal or Bhutan , or had the chinese government given permission to shoot in Shangri la---Tibet , what else . 

And the photography was stunning to say the least , of the tall mountains and the distant snow capped peaks . The stark grey beauty of the surroundings harked only to one place---Ladakh . And the cinematography was even better than that of the movie ( Three idiots ) that had made Ladakh popular among tourists . And the road that Kunaal travelled on winded through mighty mountains and alongside shimmering rivers and his vehicle stopped on bridges atop the shimmering water of those rivers . Words cannot describe the ethereal beauty of the majestic landscape that the audience was being driven on it's cinematic journey , and I am debating whether to take the long route to Ladakh and plan an actual journey to that place or to take the shorter route and visit Ladakh like Kunaal does by taking drugs at night and hoping to get a 'trip' to that majestic destination , I am only joking about the drugs part  .

And I never wanted this cinematic journey to end ; the cinematic traveller in me had reached his destination in the high peaks at over 4000 meters . No more patients to examine and no more movie reviews to write ; just the nirvana of low oxygen levels at these rarefied heights that may send straight to heaven....but alas !! it was not me but Kunaal who was in this heaven !! And as he proceeded he met a number of goodlooking women who troubled him , or gave him directions on where to go and how to travel . And he met men who harassed him ( like the hotel manager of the shady hotel where he checked in ) or like the man in saintly robes who gave him good advice . And the journey was of ever increasing terror . Of interacting with mysterious strangers and experiencing sinister happenings . Of evil women bedding him ( always in woman on top position ) before terrorising him or evil men hanging themselves after filling him with fear . 

But at the end of this magical tour Kunaal reaches the place he had dreamt of in his dreams . A place where there are white monuments in the mighty mountains filled with mist and snow . And there she is---the damsel whose face was covered by clothing in his dreams . And her face is revealed to be that of Ananya Sengupta !! The girl who had taken him on a ride in his car from his photo exhibition !! So is it a drug fuelled fantasy or a real journey ?? 

And Ananya reveals the truth to him ---that she was Mohini , the damsel who danced to destroy the meditation of the saint . But as she danced , she fell in love with the saint and could not bear to see it when when the saint reduced himself to ashes to atone for the breaking of his meditation and went to the earth to live as an ordinary mortal who was no one else but Kunaal !! . And the women he met on his himalayan journey were the women he had married in his several births since he reduced himself to ashes , and now had come the time to stop being born again and join the luscious looking Mohini in eternal bliss by stopping this cycle of rebirth....

The movie had transcended from horror to thriller to philosophical to metaphysical and I was spellbound....and the reason I told almost the whole story is that sadly no one is going to watch it . The theatre was practically empty . Does anyone even know that such a movie has been released ? The songs are forgettable , but music is decent and photography and colours are heartstoppingly stunning .

Acting is not the forte of any of the actors , but the women who come to haunt Kunaal on his journey have good looks . They are played by Archana Shastry , Elena Kazan , Reyhna Malhotra , Scarlett Wilson and Divya Agarwal . The movie moves from the modern life to explore the rich ancient indian culture and philosophy as easily as it moves from the concrete jungle of the city to the mountains . And it moves as easily from being spooked by horror scenes to being enthralled by the sheer beauty of the himalayas . 

Verdict---for me , it was a magical experience . 

For you , only two and a half stars out of five . For you haven't got it within you to appreciate what I did---The beauty of the tall mountains what else .


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