Eminent intellectual Krishnan slams Periyar for being a fascist, and for hating brahmins and north indians

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Eminent intellectual Krishnan slams Periyar for being a fascist, and for hating brahmins and north indians

Post by Rashmun on Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:18 am

Periyar keeps making it clear that Brahmins, having been born Brahmins, are irredeemable. For instance, in an interview given to the Current magazine on March 6, 1959, there is a question asked: “Do you mean to say that Brahmins, by the very fact that they were born Brahmins, can never have honest intentions?” Periyar’s reply: “I do. They can never have honest intentions.” In the same interview, he says that there was no difference between Chettiar, Naicker, Pillai, Gounder, Pallar and Parayar. So much for his concern for the subaltern classes!

His views on Brahmin women do not fit well with his image of a great liberator of women either. In an editorial written in Viduthalai on March 4, 1969, he says the Brahmin priests act as pimps for their wives in a few religious places. In another piece written on June 21, 1956, he makes this startling assertion:
Had the British continued for another ten years, more than half of the Brahmin women would have been ours and Tamils would have been their husbands and the dominating caste would have been destroyed [by] more than half. Only after Brahmin women had started chasing our boys did the Brahmin men become very angry with the British.

The Tamil poet Kannadasan describes in his book Vanavasam a typical speech of Periyar’s, in which the latter calls Brahmin women ‘prostitutes’ and accuses Brahmin men of using their women to gain ground in the Dravida land.

I said in my article that Periyar kept issuing blood-curdling threats to the Brahmins. One such threat was issued in 1947. In an article written in Viduthalai on July 27, 1947, he says Aryans – read Brahmins – living in the Dravida land (which he calls “our land” and distinguishes it from Hindustan) would be solely responsible if Noakhalis happened there. He exhorts Aryans not to be the agents of northern imperialism and betray the Dravida land. History tells us that those were dangerous times, and if a few lunatics had taken Periyar’s call to violence seriously, the outcome would have been disastrous.



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Re: Eminent intellectual Krishnan slams Periyar for being a fascist, and for hating brahmins and north indians

Post by garam_kuta on Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:48 pm

EVR was just a lackey for the British's contempt for brahmin community as they were active members of the Gandhi's Congress party INC. One of the overall counter moves of the Brits was discretely funding and founding the justice party, recruiting other prominent caste people that're non-brahmins as their front in 1926 or so...EVR took over the leadership in 1939 and continued the same agenda more vociferously. He was just a cheap opportunist that exploited nonbrahmin "dravidians" for profit. 
 In no other country DK would have survived their hate crimes and ridiculing hindu sensibilities, descrating their faith so distastefully and vulgarly. Not for nothing the justice party protested indian independence and needed the Brits to continue to rule.


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