Diggy Raja's Narmada Parikrama is proving to be a great success

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Diggy Raja's Narmada Parikrama is proving to be a great success

Post by Rashmun on Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:24 pm

Over two weeks into his 3,300-km 'Narmada Parikrama' - a spiritual journey along the banks of the river - former Madhya Pradesh chief minister and senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has naysayers in the party sitting up and taking note. 

As Singh trudges along on his six-month journey on foot, hundreds of party workers, followers and curious locals have been joining him, reinforcing his mass appeal. After being snubbed and pulled out of positions of responsibility in Goa and Karnataka, the downward graph of the Congress veteran within the party and the growing chasm between him and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi was out in the open. 

As the senior leadership busies itself in poll campaigns in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, Singh embarks on a journey that he insists is 'apolitical' and 'spiritual'. For the next six months, Singh is on formal leave from party work but if a section of the old guard is to be believed, he is carefully working towards reconnecting with the voter. 

"Singh might be falling out of favour with the new leadership but his connect with the masses is still very strong. His clout in the state cannot be discounted. Following this six-month parikrama, he is set to emerge stronger. The political equations will change in the next few months. Those writing him off should wait and watch," said a senior party functionary.

...."The response to Singh's yatra in just 15 days is tremendous and it does leave many of his dissenters within the party squirming," said a senior leader from the state unit."...

As per party workers on the ground, his wife Amrita has struck off well with the local women, lending Singh's 180-day march much vigour.



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